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$149.99 USD
NS Un-hack
Site Lock

Has your Joomla site been hacked? We can fix it and get you up and running again!

Security Scan

We will scan your site and determine which files have been compromised or do not belong.

Clean Up

We will clean up the hack, determine the point of entry and adjust things to prevent the same hack from reoccurring.

$10.95 USD
NS Secure
Site Lock

Keep your Joomla site secure with our automated security scans, updates and backup service.

Security Scans

We will scan your site once a week for potential security issues and will manually review the results and make any necessary corrections.
If your site should be hacked we will fix it free of charge.


We will update any extensions that have updates available. We'll also update your core Joomla installation within your current series when a new stable release is available.

Automated Backups

We will setup a disaster recovery plan by automating daily backups that get pushed to off site to cloud storage and will maintain a daily copy for the last 30 days.